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Dog Rescue Stories: Huey Was Tired From Life On the Streets

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Huey was found on the streets of Dallas, Texas during the hot summer months in 2014. After a couple of weeks roaming the streets, he finally gave up and let two good samaritans take him in. He was so tired from the heat that he could not go on. Amy L. (one of the people who saved him), put up flyers and posted on the internet to see if she could find his owner. When he was found, the collar around his neck was so tight that they almost had to cut it off. He also had some type of grease on his front paw and large, hairless patches on his back.huey-1
After about a week, Amy knew that she wasn’t going to find his owner. He was never neutered and because of the way he was found (he has some scars around his face and neck), she knew that even if she did find the owner, he was probably mistreated or abused. So, Amy contacted DFW Beagle Buddies. They took him into their rescue and got him ready to find his forever home (view his adoption profile here). When they took Huey into the vet, he was heartworm positive. He needed to be neutered and microchipped, as well.huey-2
Vinnie’s forever parents met him in mid-October and immediately fell in love. He did an overnight stay with them in early November and he was officially adopted on November 24th, 2014. It took a little bit of time for him to fully get used to humans, as he was skittish at first. Now, all he asks for is belly rubs. It also took him a little bit of time to get used to playing with other dogs and toys, but he has adjusted quite well. He met another local beagle via Instagram and they have become best friends!huey-3
Huey had a DNA test done, and while he is mostly Beagle, he may also be mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier. He is also an avid swimmer, so his parents think he may also be some sort of hound dog.  One thing’s for sure — he’s 100% adorable!huey-4
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