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Dog Rescue Stories: I’d Rather Be With My Dog Gives Back Year Round

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Doug Ratner was a professional musician and toured the country for fifteen years. At one point, he wrote a song called “I’d Rather Be With My Dogs Than Be With You”.  After the song started to get a lot of exposure and feedback from tons of dog owners, Doug said to himself, “I need to put this on a t-shirt”, and the rest was history! I’d Rather Be With My Dog (IRBWMD) has evolved from simple t-shirts, to high end women’s fashion pieces, to workout gear, to Paleo grain free dog treats. They have everything that an obsessed dog person would need or want!

The song that inspired IRBWMD

irbwmd-collageEvery month, IRBWMD donates to a different cause or rescue.  Doug comes across a rescue on Instagram, on Facebook, or will do some research and decide to donate to them. Customers can also nominate a rescue or cause they are passionate about. This month, IRBDMD is donating profits to a variety of organizations that do canine (and other animal) cancer research. The National Canine Cancer Foundation, the Bark for Life Event, and the Morris Animal Foundation will be splitting up the donations equally. IRBWMD has also donated to Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescueas Jackie, who runs Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue, has been an IRBWMD supporter since day one. Other rescues that IRBWMD has donated to include Atlanta Beagle Rescue, the Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, Rescued Hearts Northwest, the Dakin Humane Society, Friends of the Forlorn, No Stray Left Behind, Yorkie 911 Rescue, and many, many more!

Last year, IRBWMD donated $2,000 to help find a cure for canine cancer


At its core, the the response to IRBWMD has been tremendous.  They have over 175,000 dedicated, loyal and passionate followers on Instagram. Their treats are in almost 1,000 independent pet stores across the country and growing. They also post pictures of their customers wearing their clothes with their dogs, which sets them apart from a typical clothing company. Their reach is global, as they have customers in Russia, China, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Israel, Malta, Estonia and more. IRBWMD is not just a “cutesy” life style brand.  It is a fashionable, heartfelt statement to the rest of the world about how obsessed and passionate you are with your dog!img_1829
If you’d like to get involved with IRBWMD, there are numerous ways! If you own a pet store, clothing boutique, gift shop, they wholesale their items to be sold in stores. They also have an ambassador program for those who want to get involved on a local level in their towns. IRBWMD also sponsors trainers and dog walkers. And of course, just buying off the website is a way to get involved, because you spread the word and help join the I’d Rather Be With My Dog movement!img_1831

Follow I’d Rather Be With My Dog on Instagram @idratherbewithmydog and give them a like on Facebook /ratherbewithmydog.  

Shop their website and help give back to rescues and canine cancer research

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