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Dog Rescue Stories: Indy Was In and Out of Five Homes in One Year

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Indy FeaturedIndy was advertised as a German Shepherd mix on the RSPCA South Australia website, and her forever parents, Kiara and James, believe that due to her body shape, she may be crossed with Belgian Malinois. Indy was just over a year old when her parents met her, and had already been in and out of five different homes. Unfortunately, they don’t know why she was surrendered five times, because the people that gave Indy up didn’t complete the required paperwork. Nevertheless, Indy’s floppy ears and big grin won her parents’ hearts, and she found her forever home on September 20th, 2015.Indy 3

Indy had many behavioral problems when she was first adopted. She jumped, nipped, played rough and was a destructive chewer. Once James and Kiara took Indy to positive reinforcement training at Scholars in Collars , Indy learned to trust again and showed just how clever she truly is. She can now sit, drop, shake, hug, sit pretty, stay, leave it, wait for dinner and roll over. Indy is still learning how to interact with different types of dogs in a friendly manner, on and off leash. The change in Indy from when she was first adopted to now is truly remarkable and has been very rewarding for her parents. It is due in large part to positive reinforcement training, along with love and patience.Indy 1
Indy is a big softy at heart! Even though she weighs 30kg (66lbs), she thinks she is a lap dog. She enjoys cuddling up on the lounge, chasing birds  (she never catches them), playing in water, eating bones and playing soccer. Indy has certainly become a part of the family and is incredibly spoiled. Her forever parents can’t imagine life without her. Indy is also Kiara’s first dog ever and will always hold a special place in her heart.Indy 2
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