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Dog Rescue Stories: Jackson Was Abandoned Twice By His Previous Human

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Lisa works at a doggie daycare in North Carolina. One night, one of her clients arrived to pick up her dog after hours. As she walked through the door, Lisa saw her carrying a tiny puppy (now known as ‘Jackson’) in her arms. She greeted her and asked who the little guy was. She told Lisa that while she was at work, she went outside for a smoke break, and saw this little puppy dumped in the parking lot behind her building. Lisa was in shock.They sat on the floor and played with him for a little bit, talking about what was going to happen with the little guy. His tummy was huge, since it was filled with worms. The client let Lisa know that she would be taking him to the vet in the morning to get him checked out and to see if he was microchipped. As he snuggled with Lisa, she immediately said “If you don’t take him and he doesn’t have an owner, my wife and I might want him.” The next day, he went to the vet. He was microchipped. Lisa’s heart sank, but she was glad he had someone already.They called the owner a few times that day. The final time they called, he answered and asked “How much is this going to cost me now?” They told him they could discuss it when he got there and he said a stern “no” and hung up the phone. Over the next few days, they called several more times, each time getting a “no” and a hang up. When they called Lisa to let her know he would be theirs, she was overjoyed.After the adoption, Jackson’s new forever parents wanted to research his health and vaccine history by looking up the information on his microchip. They found out that he was actually dumped another time before Lisa’s client found him. Animal Control found him that first time and the owner picked him up and dumped him again, several miles away. He was just two months old when all that happened.

Everything turned out for the best, though. Jackson’s new family had a dog already, Jonas, and they instantly clicked. Jonas has been a fantastic older brother and they have been inseparable. Jackson is now just over two years old and in perfect health. He is Lisa’s alarm clock, her hiking pal, her snuggle buddy, and her partner in crime. He’s got a big personality and the ears to match it. He challenges Lisa every day to be better, she does the same for him, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

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#throwbackthursday to Jackson’s first time in the snow!

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It’s time to bundle up and get outside!!

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I love my dogs because they make life better. Jonas is always up for snuggles, always willing to learn something new, and is hands down the best big brother Jackson could ever have. Jackson is super high energy, always game for whatever I throw at him, and knows just the right way to wake me up in the morning. They are the perfect example of what unconditional love is all about. Best of all, they not only balance each other out, they balance us out. They truly are what makes our family a family. . . . #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogslife #dog #dogoftheday #doglover #dogstagram #rescue #rescuedog #whorescuedwho #adoptlove #adoptdontshop #myboys #jackson #jonas #bros #brothers #love #lovethem #socute #yellowdog #blackdog #cuties #park #walk #woof #bestwoof #cute #wagalotmodel

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