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Dog Rescue Stories: Jayd Escaped Montreal After the City Banned Pit Bulls

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

In October of 2016, Montreal passed a BSL law. This law endangered hundreds of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs. Unfortunately, Jayd was a beautiful, brindle Pit Bull living in Montreal. Thankfully, a rescue known as New York Bully Crew was not going to sit by and watch this happen!

Alyssa (Jayd’s forever mom) watched NYBC’s social media for days, praying they could help those innocent dogs that were about to be put to death because of their breed. Thankfully, The Crew and their amazing volunteers were able to go up to Montreal in the middle of the night to save as many pups as they could from the shelters and give them all their second chance at life. Jayd was the fifth dog they saved. She was taken from Le Berger Blanc High Kill Shelter and was days away from death.

New York Bully Crew needed a foster immediately for Jayd because she had kennel cough and could not be around other dogs. Alyssa knew this was her chance to save a life. She immediately jumped in head first and filled out an application, crossing her fingers that she would hear from someone soon. The second she found out her application was approved, her heart stopped. She was about to foster a beautiful brindle girl who was days away from doom.

The next day was Alyssa’s birthday, and it just so happened to be the same day she and her husband would be picking up Jayd. They anxiously left the house early that morning to go get her. Alyssa could not have pictured a better birthday than saving a beautiful animal.

Jayd was so underweight, unsure and scared. Her new forever parents couldn’t help but feel HORRIBLE for her and couldn’t even imagine the things she must’ve been through. They took her home, continued her medication, and within three days, she was finally starting to get comfortable. She would lay with her new humans, and finally kissed them. On day seven of fostering, they knew they couldn’t give her to anyone else — she was already part of their family. They helped save her.

Without any hesitation, Alyssa and her husband called New York Bully Crew and told them they were adopting her! After all, how could they give back that beautiful face? Now a year later, Jayd has put on a healthy 30 lbs. She has become their lover, their protector, and their everyday comedian. She will always be the best birthday gift Alyssa has ever received and they cannot imagine life without her. Jayd’s forever parents are enternally greatful that Jayd was given a second chance at life!

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