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Dog Rescue Stories: Jimmy Is Learning to Overcome His Insecurities

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 
We lost our previous dog to cancer in January of 2016. My partner really wanted another puppy and on February 15th 2016, he convinced me to come to an adoption event on 92nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan to ‘just look.’ It failed miserably because we came home with two wiggly bodies!
There was a truck full of adoptable dogs and cats. I saw two little white-freckly pups in the window. One was quietly sitting with soft and sad puppy eyes while the other was a smaller but rambunctious little wiggler climbing all over his cage mate. There was a moment where he was literally sitting on her shoulders. That was Jimmy!
We were both interested but I was keen on the quieter one. I didn’t think Jimmy would be a match for my partner and I. We entered the truck and held the quiet pup and learned that they were actually siblings. The volunteer also let us hold puppy Jimmy and he quickly calmed down in our arms. Both were calmly wiggly in our arms and exchanged soft kisses here and there. I fell in love with the quiet one and we decided to adopt her.
I went to the bank for the adoption fee and came back with my partner telling me that we had to take her brother, as well. We took the taxi from Manhattan back to Bay Ridge with two little wiggles in our arms. My partner told me that the volunteer said that Jimmy was recently returned to them. The volunteer explained that the previous adoption did not work out because his new home did not allow his type of breed. We were a bit nervous about adopting a breed with so much negative media coverage and we were adopting two of them! Nonetheless, we were home with them. They were so affectionate towards one another! Cuddling, playing and always together. Unfortunately, a day later Jimmy’s sister was diagnosed with Parvo and succumbed to the illness. Jimmy soon showed signs of parvo-like symptoms and we were incredibly worried that we might lose him too. Luckily, he healed and got better.
He is now almost two year old. He loves to eat bananas, storm through the woods, learn new tricks, give his human friends kisses, play with his doggie friends, and take the longest naps ever! But he also has much to learn and we are guiding him so that he can overcome a lot of his insecurities around unfamiliar people, dogs and weird objects that might pop up along the way–like overturned trash bins 😌. He has been doing a wonderful job at loose-leash walking, and learning to ignore things that make him feel insecure. We want him to be happy and balanced. When it comes to having manners we want him to shine so that we can dispel the terrible public image against his type of dogs.
Jimmy has taught us so much about what it means to be a committed friend, what compassion and understanding entails, and how far having patience and kindness will go. We love him to bits!
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