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Dog Rescue Stories: Junior the Pitbull Was Saved From A Breeder!

Junior Featured

Nicole and Norris live in Germany, and watch Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer every Sunday.  They both grew up with dogs and after moving in to their first apartment together, they decided that they wanted to adopt a dog.  Cesar Milan’s best dog pal is a Pit Bull Terrier namedJunior Puppy Junior, and Nicole and Norris fell in love with him!  They started to search for rescue Pit Bull Terriers, and happened to see a photo of puppies, each of which were being sold for 1.200 €.  It was clear to Nicole and Norris that the man selling the puppies did not care if they went to a good home or not.

After thinking it over for a while, Nicole and Norris decided to visit the puppies.   The first puppy they met had beautiful blue eyes and silver/grey fur.  He ran over to them, and they immediately fell in love!  Nicole and Norris did not have enough money to buy the puppy, but they we determined to give him a good home.  They begged the man to let them take the puppy home, and ended up adopting “JuJunior 3nior”.  They wished they could have taken all the puppies with them, to make sure they all got good, loving homes, but they could only save one.

Junior is now ten months old, and his pawrents fall in love with him more and more each day!

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