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Dog Rescue Stories: Kilo Had Been In Four Homes in Just Two Years

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 
Susan had rescue dogs since she was a child. Three summers ago, Isabelle, a wonderful Lab-Chow from Chile, had passed away at almost 17 years old. Susan’s daughter begged her to get another dog. As Susan’s daughter was heading off to University in the fall and Susan was planning to travel, she suggested that they foster. Susan knew many rescues were in need of foster “parents” and they could probably do it for the summer and get the dog ready for a great, forever home. 
Susan’s daughter gets anxious and wanted a Bulldog to cuddle and laugh with. Susan looked at the sites of the many rescues she works with at Talent Hounds. She decided on Homeward Bound Rescue, an Ontario based organization that specializes in rescuing squishy faces like pugs and bulldogs. At the very bottom of their available foster dogs page, Susan and her daughter both fell for the mischievous little black face of Kilo the Pug. They applied to foster, had a home visit, then had Kilo dropped at their place.
Kilo had been through four different homes and had just turned two years old, according to the information available. He was apparently acquired first by an older couple who found him to be too much work (as most puppies are). They clearly did not socialize or train him. He may have been from a puppy mill, as he has no idea how to interact with other dogs. He then passed through the hands of a few teenage girls, where his care was probably not ideal, and then to a woman with a small son. Kilo reportedly loved playing tug and other games with the boy after school (he still wants to play and rough house every day at 4pm like clock work). The woman developed mobility issues and an allergic boyfriend, so she called Homeward Bound. His first foster needed to give him up after two weeks. Somewhere along the line, Kilo must have been traumatized by a man and one or more dogs. Upon arriving in his foster home, he immediately tried to attack two men, a dog and a cat. He is very food obsessed and will guard resources sometimes. He still gets very anxious around strangers, dog parks and most dogs.
Susan knew he would be hard to adopt out, so she kept fostering him and invested in behaviorists and trainers. After six months, he had snuggled his way into his now forever family’s hearts and Susan knew they would be his forever home.
Kilo’s therapy and training are ongoing. They have used positive, reward based methods and do a little every day. He now knows lots of tricks and is such a love bug! He is great with most strangers after a proper greeting. He is devoted to his family, certain friends and very loving and cute.
Kilo has been the mascot for Talent Hounds for almost three years (he recently turned five years old). He is a member of the crew, working with the writers, editors and creators in his forever mom’s home office and works hard as an advocate for rescues (he demands payment up front with treats but is a very willing model and even attends a few events). He brightens everyone’s day with his puggy antics and can always offer a cuddle .
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