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Dog Rescue Stories: Lily Was Too Scared To Come Out of Her Kennel at the Shelter

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Lily Featured

My furbaby’s name is Lily! She is a two-year old, red nose pit bull that I rescued from the Humane Society of Pinellas in St. Petersburg, Florida.Lily 3

She is smaller than the average pit, so I call her a “mini pit.” When I adopted her about a year ago, she was only 23 lbs, and was very traumatized. She refused to come out of her cage at the Humane Society, so the staff had to pick her up and put her in my lap during our first meeting. It was love at first sight! She was so happy to leave the pound, but still very scared. She ended up hiding her face under my neck on the car ride home.Lily 2

Once she was home, we had a few weeks of basic training: getting the courage to go up and down the stairs, going in the backyard and using doors. Lily was terrified of doors or gates of any kind. She was, however, very excited to have grass and every time we went outside, she spent the first five minutes just rolling around it.  She still does it to this day!Lily 1

A year later, she is a very healthy, happy pup that gets all the love and care that she needs. She has some skin and allergy issues, but luckily, we live close to some great vets and specialists that have been incredibly helpful. Lily is now 44 lbs and loves spending time outdoors. She also loves wearing clothes, bandanas, scarves, and hats. She’s very smart, has learned a lot of  tricks, and always gets excited when she can learn a new one. I attend the USF College of Pharmacy, and Lily comes to all the school events, where everyone knows her. She is always apart of the action, and gets so much love from everyone.Lily 4

She has really come a long way from the scared pup she was a year ago, and is so brave and lovable.

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