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Dog Rescue Stories: Lucy’s Forever Parents Didn’t Give Up On Her

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 
Hi! My name is Lucy and I’m from Daytona Beach, FL. My mum and dad also call me Lucegoose or just Goose! Their names are Emily and Billy.
I’m an almost three year old pibble mix and I was adopted from Flagler Humane Society on December 14, 2015. They say I was a year old when I was adopted and that my life wasn’t happy before they rescued me. I was surrendered at the shelter with bites all over my face and legs. One bite was so bad it abscessed and I could’ve lost my eye. The people at the shelter took good care of me and tried their best to help coax my personality out, but I was really scared.
I was adopted and returned a few times before mum and dad took me home. They knew I was a good girl even though it took me a while to stop being scared and trust people again. They didn’t give up, they showed me love, gave me lots of kisses and hugs, soft places to lay (even in their bed), good food, toys, lots of long walks..they even showed me car rides can be fun and took me to the beach!!
Mum and dad take me lots of places with them so I can get to know other people and dogs too. There are a lot of places in our beach town that allow pups like me to come hang out! I’ve made a lot of friends in the time I’ve been with mum and dad — both human and doggie! My best friend’s name is Toby. He’s another rescue pit and he lives with my gramma Sherry. She has two and a half acres that Toby and I run around in and play for hours!
My mom and dad are building a house and they’ve even made me my own room for all my toys with air conditioning and a doggy door to go outside into a run so I can go potty or lay in the sun while they are at work. They also promised me a dog brother when we move so I can have a friend to play with all the time. I love my mum and dad and I love my life!!
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Look mama, I made the bed for you!!

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