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Dog Rescue Stories: Mercy and Xena Are Both Foster Fails!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

mercy-jack-featuredMercy (a Jack Russell mix) was adopted at 10 years old after Tara, his forever mom, met him while she was working at the Toronto Humane Society. He had been there for awhile and had already been returned once from a foster. Tara then started to foster him, fell in love, and adopted him! He had some issues with other dogs and can be a bit grumpy, but hey, he’s an old man! Tara worked hard to help him overcome his issues, and he now lives in a house with three other dogs and is doing amazingly well.mercy-jack-1

Xena (a bully mix) was brought to the Toronto Humane Society as a terrified, skinny, two year old girl, who had clearly given birth recently. She was surrendered, but her puppies were not with her and she was very heavy with milk. Tara fell in love with Xena immediately, soon won her trust, and they bonded very quickly. When Tara first took her home to foster, Xena was scared of everything and everyone, and had severe separation anxiety. After 3 months of fostering, she became available for adoption and became Tara’s second foster fail in under a year — there was no way she could ever give her back! While Xena still has some issues to work through, she has made amazing progress.  She’s incredibly brave and Tara is so proud of her!mercy-jack-2

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