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Dog Rescue Stories: Mia Flew From Mexico to Canada to Find Her Forever Family

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorMia, formerly known as Laska, is a Collie mix from Mexico. She now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her amazing forever family!Mia’s humans adopted her in April 2016 from Misty Creek Dog Rescue, an Alberta based organization that rescues and flies dogs from Mexico to Canada. They’re not sure how old she is, but she’s probably around 3 years old. She celebrated her first Gotcha Day and third birthday on the same day!Mia was a street dog in the Riviera Maya district of Mexico. Thankfully, Riviera Rescue saved her from life on the streets. They work with Misty Creek Dog Rescue and flew her (along with other rescue dogs) to Calgary, where she was fostered for three weeks before her forever family met her at an adoptathon.As soon as Mia’s humans met her, they knew she was the one. They picked her up from her foster family the following day, and it was a difficult goodbye, as her foster family had considered becoming foster failures. After a three day trial period, Mia was officially adopted by her forever family!Mia is sweet, gentle and loving.  She was very timid at first, but she’s since come out of her shell and loves nothing more than to play! Her humans are thankful to have found her, and cant imagine their lives without her.

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