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Dog Rescue Stories: Moses – The Rescued Became the Rescuer

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

After my cairn terrier died, I was in despair. 14 years of love and loyalty — it broke my heart. I couldn’t even look at another dog for two years. One day, my friend asked me for a lift to the local dogs’ home, as her dog had been found and she had to collect it.
I could hear dogs barking in the kennels and after ten minutes, I decided to have a look. There were many dogs looking for homes. Most of them barked and jumped up as you walked past but some just lay in their beds.

I got to the very last kennel and there was this chocolate Labrador, just sitting and quietly looking at me. A note on his cage explained that he had been given up for adoption by his family. It also said that he was an amazing dog but they couldn’t take him to their new home. I crouched down and we looked into each others’ eyes. It was as if we both needed a friend badly, and had found each other.

After inquiring about him, it took a week to complete their checks and he was free. I called him Moses and he turned out to be well trained and very gentle with children. He is my constant companion, loves swimming and going in the car.

Two years ago, he started acting strange. He would wake me up at all hours and bug me till I got up. He didn’t need to go out or need a drink. It was puzzling. Shortly after this, I started to feel ill. I had blurry vision and was thirsty all of the time. I was diagnosed as diabetic and my blood sugar rose and fell rapidly. I began to realize that Moses was reacting to my blood sugar levels as I checked them when he alerted me.

He is a remarkable dog. Very clever and caring. The best decision I ever made. The rescued became the rescuer.

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