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Dog Rescue Stories: Mr. Bingley Was Seized During A Drug Bust

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Handsome Mr. Bingley’s adoption story starts in December 2013. His forever parents first met him while they were volunteering at Providence Animal Rescue League. They first saw Mr. Bingley in the dog intake room after being pulled from a former, higher kill shelter in the area. He had been seized by the police during a drug bust. Unfortunately, during that drug bust, he had lost his hearing when a flash bomb went off too close to him. He was newly deaf, confused, and didn’t have the best, first couple of years.Mr. Bingley’s forever mom and dad instantly fell in love with him, but they were recently out of college and still living with their respective parents, so unfortunately, adoption wasn’t an option. Since they had just graduated from college, they didn’t have full time jobs and volunteered A LOT. So, they started spending almost everyday with Mr. Bingley and took him out on day trips to get him out of the shelter environment. They shared his story and pictures over and over again, begging anyone they knew to adopt him because he deserved a forever home.So much time had passed that they started to think that maybe, just maybe, he was meant to be their dog. They started looking for Pit Bull friendly apartments, but sadly, didn’t have any luck. Six months went by and still no one showed any interest in him, until a wonderful family came in and saw what Mr. Bingley’s parents had always seen in him. Friends from PARL texted to let them know he was being adopted, and they rushed right down to say a tear-filled goodbye to him. They thought about him all the time and through updates, knew that we was doing well.Flash forward a little over a year later and Mr. Bingley’s parents got a text from the PARL dog coordinator saying that his owner had shown up at the shelter to return him. Through no fault of his own, his family had to make the incredibly difficult decision to give him up. Mr. Bingley’s forever mom and dad rushed to the shelter to see him. He was very angry, frustrated and confused about being back there. Some behavioral problems arose and they were so worried about his fate and whether or not he would be adoptable. The shelter gave him some time to settle back in while his forever parents continued to visit him and started their Pit Bull friendly apartment search again. The dog coordinator at PARL and his forever mom were convinced it was fate, and that he was meant to be with his now forever family all along.They still had trouble finding Pit friendly apartments, but ended up finding one in a city neighborhood that neither of them really wanted to live in. However, they really, really wanted to adopt Mr. Bingley, so they decided to go ahead and make it official. They spent eight months in an awful apartment until they were able to buy a house in their home town with a huge yard for Mr. Bingley to enjoy! Mr. Bingley has overcome most of his behavioral issues and has worked out his stomach problems and skin allergies. He recently had to have surgery to fix his torn CCL. Through it all, Mr. Bingley’s mom and dad love him more than anything and as each day passes, they’re more and more sure that he was meant to be their pup.

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