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Dog Rescue Stories: Neela’s Chance at Being Adopted Was Slim

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorAmy used to work for the RSPCA (Oldham branch) and she first met Neela when she arrived into their care at eight months old. Neela and another Staffordshire Bull Terrier were both almost put to sleep purely due to lack of space. Many centers were only accepting a few bull breed dogs because of the difficulty in rehoming bull breeds in the area.Staffordshire Bull Terriers and other bull breed types really struggle to find homes in the area and often spend many stressful months, if not years, stuck in kennels with an uncertain future.
Neela spent five months at the RSCPA in kennels and had two failed homes in that time – one for a week, and one for just a night!
Amy doesn’t know what made her decide to adopt Neela. It may have been her failed forever home attempts or the amount of time she’d spent in the kennels, but it was the best decision Amy’s ever made!Neela is an amazing little dog and had made her forever mom even more passionate about rescue than she already was. Amy hopes more people would take a chance on rescue! And to those that do, make sure to do your research and put in the time and effort needed! Save a life! Neela has been in her forever home for over three years, and Amy can’t imagine life without her.

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