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Dog Rescue Stories: One Good Human Is Making a Difference for Stray Dogs in Chiang Mai

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

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Siripoon started the Instagram account, @lovelyhungryfriends, to raise awareness for the many stray animals in Thailand, and is proof that one person CAN make a difference. 

I have been feeding a group of six very shy, stray dogs (Misha, Timber, Ranger, Joy, Pim and Dodge) near my rented house in Chiang Mai for about two years. Sadly, a few months ago, Dodge disappeared and we believe she was hit by a car. This year, I am moving back to my hometown and I am hoping to start a small bed and breakfast there. It is an off the beaten track town, with both natural and cultural places. I am hoping to bring the five remaining dogs with me. I am planning to finally capture them and have them fully vaccinated. They will also be properly trained and socialized. The dogs’ happiness will be prioritized at the B&B, which means that guests who will be staying there will be limited to dog enthusiasts who don’t mind giving the dogs a lot of TLC.

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There are many strays in Chiang Mai. There are also many individuals like me who feed stray dogs in their neighborhood but most of the time, the dogs do not get spayed or neutered. However, recently, there are a few foreigner run shelters that provide free sterilization for street dogs in Chiang Mai so hopefully, there will be less strays in the future. LHF 2
Many years ago, I met a local rescuer who has been feeding and taking care of stray dogs while volunteering at a shelter. Two years ago, she asked me to help her feed a group of very shy dogs across the main road from where I lived. There were about forty stray dogs in that area at that time and she was unable to get food to them. The group was supposed to be a mother and her three pups, but a few days later, two more dogs who were also apart of the family started showing themselves. Altogether, the group consisted of the mother, an adult male and four puppies.  At the beginning, I had to hide after leaving food out for them, and they eventually came out of hiding to eat. Now, they are slightly friendlier around me. They can eat food comfortably from my hand and two of the puppies, Ranger and Joy, even allow me to stroke their fur, but still won’t let me hold them. Whenever I am unavailable to feed the dogs, I will leave the food with the rescuer and she’ll always feed them for me. Some of the dogs received free spay and neuters from WVS Care for Dogs and some with Santisook Dogs and Cats Rescue.LHF 5
Many people have asked me why it took so long to gain these dogs’ trust. I think it is mostly because the mother, Misha, is very shy. We don’t know where she came from nor what happened to her before. The adult male, Timber, is also very shy. Both of them are very elusive. About a year and a half ago, we had to get all the stray dogs in the area sterilized. The four pups were captured by a trap cage, but the shelter had to send someone to shoot Misha with a tranquilizer gun, and we are still having trouble trying to capture Timber. With limited space available at both shelters, the dogs were returned to the same place after sterilization.LHF 4
I have a shy rescue dog, DJ, whom I brought home from Bangkok six years ago. DJ used to be a lot like these dogs. He recognized me as a friend after only a few weeks of feeding him on the street (where he lived), but after a month, he still didn’t let me touch him. At my home, he quickly learned to ask for attention from my family by watching my other dogs asked for attention, but he still walked away when we approached him. It took DJ a few years to allow us to hold him and cuddle him like a normal dog. I hope that one day, we can do the same for Misha, Timber, Ranger, Joy and Pim.LH 3
Follow Misha, Timber, Ranger, Joy, Pim, and learn more about Siripoon’s Bed and Breakfast on Instagram @lovelyhungryfriends

Picture the gang hosting a small B&B in the middle of rice fields. But before they make the decision about this investment and decide to give up their carefree lives on the streets in Chiang Mai they really want to know if there will be customers because you know, once they’ve started they can’t go back ????❤❤❤❤ ………………………………. It will be in northern Thailand, between a traditional town of Chiang Kum and a small border town to Laos. It is approximately 70 km from Chiang Rai, a big city with an international airport. ……………………………… The place is unknown to most international tourists and not as “touristy” as other towns closer to Chiang Mai. The area has several peaceful biking routes. There are also many waterfalls and trekking routes only accessible if accompanied by local rangers. ……………………………….. They will accept early booking, DM me if you are interested, I will send you more details. #adoptdontshop #travelthailand

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❤ this pic from when Ploy was still here with us happily waiting for her turn to eat (4th of my 2016’s best 9). —————————————– *IMPORTANT message to Lee Jae Myung @2_jaemyung* we are counting on you to do something to really end the dog meat trade at Moran market and hopefully anywhere in South Korea. Please, don’t let us down. S.Korea is a great country and the world is watching. —————————————— Please join me and send @2_jaemyung (#leejaemyung #이재명 ) a message letting him know that many of us are counting on him to make the right decision. Even though we can’t vote but we can make him look good, internationally! ????❤ If you don’t know what’s going on in S.Korea’s dog meat trade situation, please take a minute and read a few posts at @joeyandbailey ❤❤❤❤❤ #welovekorea #bandogmeat #moranmarket #notodogmeat

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mmm cookies! Pim loves cookies.. #feedthestrays #streetdogs #adoptdontshop

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Joy is already starting to puff up for winter ???????????????? #feedthestrays #streetdogs #adoptdontshop A few people asked me about how Thai stray dogs are being cared for and what do I mean when I call a dog a semi-stray. I have to say I’m so glad that you want to understand and know more about how stray dogs are being treated in Thailand. To answer this I’m going to try to categorize different common stray dogs caring situations that I’ve seen. Level 1: the dogs have to look for food by themselves, no regular feeder. Mostly only because they don’t trust humans. Level 2: has a regular feeder Level 3: has a regular feeder who would arrange for help when he/she is unavailable, also arrange for the dogs to get spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Level 4: level 3 + collars (mostly in Bangkok so the city’s dog catchers won’t take them) + providing blanket, jacket for winter. Level 5: level 3 or level 4 + roaming the street where the feeder lives but for some reason, the feeder just cannot let them live inside the house. To answer your question, I usually call dogs living in level 3, 4 and 5 situations semi-strays. Although, I only have a few years experience of street dogs caring and I only care for just a few groups of street dogs, so any feeders out here are welcome to add and correct me on this ????????????❤

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Lets name this girl! ????❤ This is a #maekamountaindog that I have been feeding everytime I drive pass this road. I tried to persuade her to stay at the tourist rest area but she seems to prefer the fire patrol camp 2 km down the road. The problem is there’s no one at the camp during the rainy season and she would be all alone. Good news is, in the past few months, she seems to trust me more and she has a new very shy friend who you can probably see his/her head in the pic. The people at the tourist rest stop called her Kao which I really don’t like because I know at least 5 white dogs named Kao. Since she doesn’t live there anymore.. I want a new name for her.. something cool.. suggestion? #feedthestrays #adoptdontshop #DoiluangNPdog #lovelyhungryJasmine #lovelyhungrydodge

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