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Dog Rescue Stories: Pat The Dog Has a Heart Pacemaker

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His name is Pat the Dog (named after the dog on Friends), aka Sir Patrick Stewart (the only way Jessica’s husband would agree to name him Pat the Dog), but his parents just call him Patrick. He’s about 7.5 years old now. Patrick’s mom and dad adopted him two years ago from Bulldog Haven Northwest, a fabulous rescue in the Seattle area. He ended up in rescue because he was never properly socialized and was very nervous around his previous family’s new dogs and baby. Patrick’s parents believe that he had been a puppy mill puppy because of his lack of socialization and his genetic health issues are all indicators of poor breeding.

Pat 2When Patrick found his forever home, he was a loving, happy, energetic, playful, silly and healthy dog. He immediately made himself right at home in his parents’ hearts. Unfortunately, his health wouldn’t last. He had his first seizure a few weeks after he came home and was later diagnosed with epilepsy. Three months after that, he had his first mast cell tumor, but thankfully, it was caught early. Then, last June, after a bout of lethargy and fainting, Patrick’s parents learned he needed a heart pacemaker! It was a tough decision at first, until they learned that his prognosis with a pacemaker should give him back full life expectancy for the breed…another 4 years! Without it, he would be lucky to live another week or two. So, of course, Patrick had the pacemaker surgery, which was a huge success!

Now, not only is the pacemaker giving Patrick a happy, energetic, and playful life again, but he’s also cancer free, and his seizures are under control! Aside from a few typical bulldog medical issues (eye, ear, and skin issues), he is a healthy dog again, living the life he deserves.

Patrick’s parents are very aware that he is living on borrowed time and they are truly thankful for every day with him. They encourage every animal lover to adopt, don’t shop, and support rescue! Oh, and buy pet insurance! 😉

You can find Pat on Instagram @pat.thedog and on  Tumblr pat-thedog

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