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Dog Rescue Stories: Patrick the Survivor was Hacked With a Cleaver and Left for Dead by an Angry Mob

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Patrick’s story is heart wrenching and horrifying.  He was once a happy, healthy dog who was then abandoned in Jakarta. He was so friendly, that people in the neighborhood did not have a problem with him hanging around, except for one man. Patrick used to follow the man, his son, and his dog around, which they did not like. The man and his son would abuse Patrick – they threw sticks, stones, and any heavy object that they could find at him. Patrick stopped following them around, yet they sought Patrick out and continued to abuse him. Finally, Patrick had to defend himself by biting the man’s son. The man then assembled a group of people to find Patrick. Once they did, they cornered him, beat him, hacked him with a cleaver, and then left him for dead. Patrick’s nose was chopped off, part of his face was split in two, and he was wounded all over. He also had a hole in his upper jaw, making it hard for him to eat. Click HERE to see a graphic image of what Patrick looked like after the attack.
PATRICK’S FIRST DAY IN THE UNITED STATESpatricks-first-day-in-the-us
Patrick’s parents heard about Patrick a year and half ago through Instagram. The first picture they saw was graphic – an image of a dog whose face was hacked with a cleaver. That image immediately touched their hearts and they continued to follow his story and progress. At some point, Patrick’s mom reached out to Let’s Adopt Indonesia, the rescue group that was caring for Patrick.  She asked if there was anything they could do to help.
PATRICK AFTER FACIAL RECONSTRUCTIONpatrick-after-facial-reconstruction
As the communication continued, they discovered that the rescue was looking to fly Patrick to the United States for the surgeries required for his recovery. As fate would have it, the Doctor that the rescue group was speaking to was located in Orange County, only ten miles from Patrick’s parents, so, they offered to foster Patrick through his surgery process.  They fell in love with Patrick instantly, and even though he had several adoption applications, he was already home.image1-1
Patrick has been in his forever home for approximately a year, and he recently celebrated his “first” gotcha day and birthday. Patrick is an amazing dog with an incredible story. Not only is it unimaginable how he went through what he did and survive, it is also incredible how sweet and loving he is, despite the traumatic incident.  Patrick’s gentle nature makes it hard to believe someone could ever do that to a dog. His story is one of hope, perserverance, and forgiveness. Patrick’s forever family feel like the lucky ones to be a part of it.image1-4

#tbt to before I got my nose job! I was still pretty darn cute!!!

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