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Dog Rescue Stories: Peco and Eevee Escaped Their Terrible, Former Lives

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Meet Peco and Eevee! The cutest rescued duo!


My name is pronounced ‘pay-ko’ and I’m originally from All 4 Paws SC, located in Pawleys Island, SC. Things were pretty rough before All 4 Paws rescued me. Someone had used me as a target to practice their aim with a BB gun – I still have one BB under the skin on the top of my head and one in my foot. Eventually, I was picked up by the pound and was put on death row. Thankfully, the lovely staff at All 4 Paws found me and moved me to their shelter because they thought my life mattered!

I was a year and a half old when my forever parents saw my picture online and knew they had to meet me. When I first met my new humans, the staff let me run around freely in their big conference room, so I could play with them. I actually don’t remember much about that first meeting because there was a crafty little fly in the room who kept evading me. I had been chasing him around for at least five minutes when out of nowhere, my new mom said that I was “perfect” and they asked me if I wanted to come home with them! I ran over and licked their faces as much as they would let me. What a great day! Dad drove us home to Charleston, SC where we all live in a great forever home with a backyard, where I can chase squirrels and lizards all day!


I’m Eevee and I’m from the SPCA in Summerville, SC. I don’t remember much before I was abandoned in the woods, except the fact that males terrify me. My mom and dad said they weren’t even planning to adopt a new furbaby when they met me, but mom says that I made my dad’s heart melt and he knew that he had to adopt me. I scared everyone else off because my fur was completely covered and matted with feces. After my forever parents met me on Sunday and talked it out all night, my dad came by first thing Monday morning to take me home. After a few attempts at a bath, he took me to the groomer who helped cut all the mats out of my fur. Instead of being scared of males, my dad has become one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I’m really happy to be so loved and healthy in this awesome forever family!

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So excited to see mom at the door!! ❤❤

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It’s BO-wl Time! #muttstache #puppybowl #superbowl

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Eevee looking like a lion with her new kong toy. #muttstache #KONGdog

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Getting super excited for a night walk with dad! #muttstache ????????????

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Eevee’s wishing you all a good night, friends! ???? #muttstache

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Eevee’s wishing me and you a good night and sweet dreams ???? #muttstache

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