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Dog Rescue Stories: Penny Pig Has Fostered Forty Rescue Pups!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Penny Pig (aka Penelopig, Pignelope, PigPen, Cleopigtra) was found owner surrendered to animal control in NYC around Christmas 2015. She weighed 34 pounds, and was completely shut down in the shelter. She was pulled by In Our Hands Rescue, after Sam (Penny Pig’s now furever mom) reached out, offering to foster her.
Penny Pig’s foster pawrents and  In Our Hands  figured she’d spend a month gaining necessary weight and health, and then be adopted. Penny turned out to be, by far, her pawrent’s most difficult foster, and by far the most rewarding. In 5 months, they struggled to deal with her crippling separation anxiety, dealt with her post-surgery needs after a tail amputation, attempted to teach her to walk on a leash, and fell totally in love with her.
Penny Pig is basically a human in the way that she understands, responds, demands and approaches problems and conversations. After 5 months, Sam just had to admit that Penny Pig had adopted her new pawrents. She is good with other dogs, but fearfully aggressive to dogs her size when she first meets them. It hasn’t always been easy, but Sam has fostered about 40 dogs of all ages and sizes since she arrived, and she has managed to make friends with all of them with proper introductions and management.image3
Penny Pig is a wonderful pit bull ambassador, changing perceptions everywhere she goes and insisting that everyone love her as much as she instantly loves them. She is also an OG volunteer at a new rescue that her forever family was invited to join called Muddy Paws Rescue. In fact, Penny Pig helps her mom run their social media accounts and frequently volunteers at events. She lives in NYC with her parents and foster siblings. You can often see her hunting rats and pigeons late at night.
Follow Pretty Penny on Instagram @pigpenthepittie and check out Muddy Paws @muddypawsrescuenyc

Let’s talk about the situation right now. What is happening in Montreal is archaic, backward, ill-informed, and it infuriates me. But let’s talk about what’s happening now- people are mobilizing. People want to get the dogs out of Montreal. I’m all for that…but where will they go? There are hundreds of thousands of pitbulls and pit mixes and dogs who look like pits but aren’t sitting in shelters across the US. They don’t have homes. Where will the Montreal dogs go? @mrmoproject is an amazing organization who at last count had 600 applications to foster Montreal pits. 600! That could clear a local shelter like @tohanimalshelter, which is full of pits who have been there 2+ years and are great dogs (that’s where Zeus is from). That could clear @nycacc, which has to euthanize for space all the time, because there aren’t homes for all the pits (which is where Penny is from). Hell, that could clear @miamianimalserv, which I believe had over 400 dogs last week, and MIAMI HAS BSL IN PLACE! So I urge you, if you want to help the dogs of Montreal, consider also helping the dogs of the US. Contact your local humane society, shelter, or rescue organization and offer to foster or adopt a bully mix. My friend @ebclosmore and I were discussing and she put it so beautifully- let’s make this step backward into a step forward for the breed. If you want to donate, donate to SPCA Montreal to cover legal costs of filing an injunction against these laws. Until that’s resolved no action will be taken by the govt. If you want to foster a Montreal dog, apply to Mr Mo Project. If you want to foster a local pit, look into local organizations (if you don’t know where to look, ask me, I’ll help you!) and if you want to adopt a beautiful, sweet, smart(ish), loving pitbull, #adoptZeus. #endbsl #bslisbs #boycottmontreal #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #savethemall #cleartheshelters #bmupc #pitbulladvocate #fosterdogsnyc #fosterdog #keepyourdiscriminatorylawsawayfromourdogs

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