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Dog Rescue Stories: Lovable Pit Bull Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring

Felon Featured

Felon’s mom and dad fell in love with him when they still lived in Arizona. They had recently decided to move back to Atlanta, and happened to look at the county’s shelter website–that’s when they saw a picture of Felon and fell in love immediately! Felon (formally Musho) was standing in the rain, wearing a rain coat, with an expression on his face that spoke volumes! Felon’s parents read his detaiFelon 1led bio and knew he was the one they wanted to devote their lives to. Being from Atlanta, they were one of millions who were blindsided by the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal and learned, as the case evolved, about dog fighting.  It was not that they were ignorant to the horrors of dog fighting – it’s just that they weren’t educated and didn’t know humans actually could do this and call it a “sport.”

Unfortunately, Felon was brought up in the dog fighting world.  He has scarring on 60% of his body.

Felon arrived at the shelter through horrible circumstances.  Felon had escaped to an abandonded building with no food or water.  People were looking for him to steal him back and throw him back to the repulsive life he was raised in.  Animal control got wind of the terrible humans trying to steal him, got access to the building, and saved Felon. He was emaciated, 30 pounds under weight, riddled with puncture wounds, and trying to survive in a building with skeletal remains of other dogs.

Felon stayed at the shelter in quarantine until an AMAZING woman stepped up and fostered him. She gave him a safe place to heal, recover from the paraFelon 2sites he had (which is very common in dogs who fought), and decompress. The day Felon’s parents moved out to Atlanta, they did their meet and greet.  It was Felon’s 3rd meet and greet with a family. HE chose THEM. His incredible foster mom chose them. His parents felt like they won the lottery that day, and continue to wake up every morning just as happy as the day he adopted them.

Felon is not only physically scarred but emotionally and mentally, as well. Despite all this, his parents adore him just as he is.  Their hearts have never known a greater love than their love for Felon. They are forever grateful for Instagram because if they hadn’t started following pit bull type dog accounts, they never would have seen how amazing pit bulls are and never would have understood the unfair prejudice the breed has to overcome.Felon 4

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The happiest dog at the vet today!! There’s nothing worse than seeing your dog scratch! He had a brush with poison ivy and has been uncomfortably scratching. A steroid shot and some to go steroid pills and it was immediate relief! ???????? We are very happy we made the decision to insure Felon. We did ALOT of research and homework about pet insurance, and found an insurance plan that fit best for US. @gohealthypaws is Felon’s insurance provider and we would 100% recommend them. There are MANY pet insurance providers out there and many plans that work within most budgets. Veterinary bills and unexpected health issues are not only devastating but take a pretty big toll on you financially. We don’t know what the future holds for us or for Felon, but we do know we are not going to be held back financially when it comes to Felon’s health and will be able to go to length to maintain his health. We want Felon happy, HEALTHY, and with us for as long as humanely possible. ???????????? #gohealthypaws . . . #adoptthecropped #rescuedogsofinstagram #pocketpitty #pitbullsofinstagram #standupforpits #rescuefactor #endbsl #loveabull #flapsofdestiny #tattooedandbullied #whogivesapit #spreadtherumer #proudpitbull_feature #dontbullymybreed #pawsomepitbulls #bullbreedsofinstagram #pitbullsofficial #ourpitpage #dogsofinstagram #betheirvoice #cutest #pitbull #bullbreedsofinstapp #pittiesofinsta #barkpost #ruffpost #bullyinstagram @pitbullsofinstagram

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