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Dog Rescue Stories: Raja Wandered the Streets and Stole Food To Survive

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Raja Featured

Hi! I’m Raja and I was rescued from a life on the streets!

When I was approximately 3-4 months old, I was out wandering the streets of Perris, CA. I came across an open gate to a home, where an elderly German shepherd lived (my now uncle’s home), so I went in, ate up his food and hid under the house with my new furend.

Hahaha my and the old man of the house Yuma just having some fun

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This soon became a regular thing whenever his pawrents would leave the gate open. I would go in, eat, drink and just hang out. One day, my now forever mom came to visit. She met me and fell in love! She told my uncle that I was very young and that someone must have been missing me. They kept me safe and tried to find my humans for months, but no one ever called or came to claim me.

I was growing up and getting into trouble, so my mom decided to take me home. She got me a nice, big crate, some tough toys and I adapted to my forever home straight away! I am so thankful that I found a loving, forever family. I could have been run over, as the area I used to wander in was right next to an open highway.

Now, I’m a very happy, social pup who is pampered and incredibly spoiled!

Follow my adventures on Instagram @raja_the_pibble_pup

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