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Dog Rescue Stories: Rascal – The Rags to Riches Pit Bull!

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     In 2013, Labradors and Friends pulled Rascal from the South Central Los Angeles shelter, along with his siblings. They were three months old, had demodex mange, bumps all over their skin and had no fur.Rascal 4
The rescue took them from the shelter, and asked four people from Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners (LARPBO) to foster them until they could find their forever homes. Rascal went to a wonderful, young LARPBO trainer couple. They had another Pit Bull named Dexter, and his foster family gave Rascal the best start to life. When Rascal was 6 months old, Becca’s aunt, Sammi, told her about him. Once Becca saw Rascal’s pictures, she HAD to visit him. Becca and her boyfriend, Chauncey, met his foster family at the park where LARPBO trains, and watched him in action. He was so energetic and full of life. Becca knew he was meant to come home with them! Later that week, Chauncey took their other dog, Bella, to the park to meet Rascal. They instantly hit it off!!!Rascal 2
     The next Saturday, Rascal (aka Rascal the Rags to Riches Pup, because he really did come from rags!) found his forever home! He fit right in with the family. Since then, Rascal has become the most handsome, happy dog, with the best smile! He was declared mite free after months of treatment, and now, he is no longer naked! He is a great ambassador for the Pit Bull breed. His favorite pastime is playing fetch with his chuck-it ball or doing agility drills during training class. He passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test, and also the Community (Advanced) Canine Good Citizen test. Becca and Chauncey train him every weekend with LARPBO, and he is now an advanced demo dog for all sorts of dog events around Los Angeles.
     Rascal is an amazing dog, and his pawrents are forever grateful that they were able to rescue him, and at the same time, he was able to rescue them. 
 Rascal 3
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