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Dog Rescue Stories: Rescue Runs In The Family

Dog Rescue Stories Maya

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By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

It’s said that children learn by what they see their parents do. I believe that to be true. My daughter, who is definitely a cat person and has four rescue cats, recently rescued a dog named Maya. My daughter, Alexa and her boyfriend, Cody, welcomed Maya into their home when a friend — who, himself had adopted her from the Save a SATO rescue — had to move away.Dog Rescue Stories Maya

To say I wasn’t completely sold on Maya, originally, would be an understatement. Sure, she was adorable in the photos I saw, but I read some Facebook posts about her and her current owner said she was “dominant” and “extremely energetic.” Those terms worried me. I didn’t want Alexa and Cody’s first experience with a dog of their own to be one they would eventually regret. They met her and almost immediately fell in love. Maya also didn’t mind their cats — which was a huge plus. The day after they adopted her they brought her to our house to meet the diva poodle, Henrietta, and the usually laid back goldendoodle, Murray.

Dog Rescue Stories: Rescue Runs In The Family

We met on what we thought was neutral territory — out in the road by our house. Henrietta barked her face off, which is what she does, but she didn’t seem to care about Maya one way or another. Murray, however, growled, bared his teeth and was generally not welcoming at all. We eventually moved the meeting to the house because it was freezing outside. Once inside, our cats came to see Maya and she happily welcomed them. When Murray growled, Maya showed her belly — obviously, not a dominant dog. Eventually Murray calmed down and Henrietta stopped barking. Murray and Maya were kept on leashes and only allowed to touch noses so that no one got injured.

Maya was extremely friendly. She kept coming over for pets and would lean into our legs. I was a little smitten. They went home and Tim and I stopped over later to deliver a harness we’d purchased for her and to see how she reacted to strangers in the house. She didn’t bark but did come over for pets and to be picked up.

She is fitting right in with Alexa and Cody’s furry family and was very well-behaved at our house on several visits. Maya recently found Murray’s toy basket and was plucking out a lot of toys, taking them to the couch and playing with them. She and Murray ended up playing a bit of tug-of-war and sharing toys.

We have learned that Maya is a destroyer of toys. She shreds anything stuffed. She will yank all of the fur off a tennis ball. She loves toys and she loves taking them into her bed with her, but she needs a toy that can stand up to a chewer. Thankfully we found toys from #PlayologyPets. She has a Dual Layer Ring that is, wait for it, bacon scented! What?! Yes, Playology Pet toys are scientifically designed to appeal to a dog’s unique sense of smell. Their toys are scented in bacon, chicken and beef flavors.

Because she is such a strong chewer we love the Dual Layer toys because they’re made with “two durometers of tough rubber – a softer outer shell that’s nice and chewy with a hard inner core.” The toys give her the chewing satisfaction as if she were chewing on a fleshy bone. The toy is made with extra-durable materials, which she definitely needs.

I had a proud mom moment knowing that Alexa and Cody and their empathetic hearts opened up and welcomed this beautiful rescue dog into her life.
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