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Dog Rescue Stories: Rio and her Siblings Were Abandoned in a Box at a Bus Stop

Rio FeaturedRio has been with her forever family since she was just six months. She, along with her brothers and sisters, were abandoned in a box by a bus stop when they were only 2-3 months old. Thankfully, a good human found them and Sai Kung Stray Friends rescue organization took them in. Rio’s family heard that the rescue needed fosters, so they decided to visit. Rio caught her family’s attention, so they decided to foster her for a couple of weeks.

At first, leaving Sai Kung, which was in the countryside, and moving to a big city was a shock for Rio. She was scared of loud noises (especially buses), along with the hectic and busy city life. It also didn’t help that she was terrified of both humans and other dogs. Eventually, she calmed down, as got used to the area she was living in. Rio’s family decided to adopt her three months into fostering! Shen then really started to come out of her shell, and her goofy and loving personality took over.Rio 1

Rio’s family knew that she would love the quieter life and love being surrounded by nature because she’s such an adventure dog! She’s always exploring when they take to terrain filled day trips.  Rio can be found running around in open, green fields, running on the sand at the beach, climbing up steep, rocky hills, or diving in to lakes!

Rio (now two and a half years old) and her family recently moved back to England, and she is loving all the open space and the beautiful fields!  Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where Rio is, as long as she has her good humans by her side.Rio 3

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