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Dog Rescue Stories: Rylee & Matilda – Sisters Saved by the Same Shelter!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Rylee & Matilda Featured

Sara and Caleb adopted Matilda from Wayside Waifs in November of 2015. This would be Sara’s first dog, so they were very careful about who they chose to be their best friend. They fell in love with Matilda because of her adorable smile and her big, brown eyes! She loves peanut butter, her flying squirrel toy, and sleeping in the weirdest positions.Matilda

Sara and Caleb then adopted Rylee (also from Wayside Waifs) in February 2016. Rylee was born both blind and deaf.  She happens to be the sweetest, most cuddly dog you could ever imagine. Living with Rylee keeps her pawrents on their toes, as they always have to be aware of where she is. In the future,  Sara and Caleb plan on training Rylee to become a therapy dog at nursing homes. She loves to sunbathe, to cuddle and is the sweetest soul you will ever meet.Rylee 1image2

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