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Dog Rescue Stories: Sadie Was Shot Twice And Left For Dead

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Sadie is a dog who was found in the mountains of Kentucky. She had a bullet between her eyes and one in her back, put there after being forced to have another litter of puppies. Through a series of events, Sadie was transported by Starfish Animal Rescue to West Chicago (video of her transport below) and then to a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin, where Sadie’s forever mom, Joal, found her while she was donating blankets.

Joal saw this cute dog on her way out and she asked what the dog’s story was. She was told in heartbreaking detail. Joal asked if she could take the dog to the vet and was given permission. The shelter trusted her, because she had adopted another dog from them a few years ago.

The first vet confirmed, by radiographs, that there was a bullet between Sadie’s eyes and a bullet and shrapnel in her back. The vet recommended that Joal get Sadie a cart. The second vet said that because Sadie was fecally and urinary incontinent, plus the fact that she couldn’t walk, Joal should do the “kind thing”. But she saw something in Sadie’s eyes that told her differently, so she took her home for the night. The next day, Joal took Sadie to a holistic vet, who said that they should give Sadie a second chance, and so they did.

Fast forward to today — Sadie is known in 16 countries and across the United States! She has been featured on the cover of six major newspapers and in countless magazines, including Fetch and Animal Wellness. She is no longer urinary or fecally incontinent and they are working to get her back legs strong again. Unfortunately, the bullet and shrapnel are too deeply embedded in Sadie’s back to be removed.

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Sadie had a presence at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards in 2015!  She is the official spokespuppy for a product called Goofurr and is the official spokespuppy for IPAW (Integrating People for Animal Wellness).

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Her children’s book, Sadie and the Superstars, teaches children acceptance of those with special needs and her life story, Saving Sadie: How a Dog that no one Wanted Inspired the World is coming out in September!
Follow sweet, strong Sadie on Instagram @savinsadie and on Facebook @SavingSadie
Check out Sadie’s Anti-Bullying Film and get her latest updates on!

We are excited to announce that voting is officially open for the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards, and Sadie is featured in the EMERGING HERO CATEGORY. The first round of public voting kicks off today, and don’t forget you can vote for one dog in each category once a day until May 3rd! Voting is to determine the top three dogs in each category. After voting by the American public, winners in each category are flown to Hollywood with their human friends to attend the American Humane Hero Dog Awards® gala in Los Angeles. There they walk the red carpet, are recognized in video tributes, receive their Hero Dog category award statue and mingle with celebrities, both two-legged and four-legged! The 2017 American Hero Dog will then be announced to the world. Voters must be U.S. residents, at least 18 years of age, and cannot use multiple email addresses for voting more than once in each category, each day. You can read more about it here: Thank you for voting and please share! #herodogawards #dogsofinsta #doglove #hero #vote

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