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Dog Rescue Stories: Sheba Was Abandoned in a Dumpster

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

It all started with a birthday party…

Alexandra’s coworker, Raul, went out to the neighborhood dumpster to throw the rest of an uneaten birthday cake away. He just happened to look over the edge and saw something wrapped up in a blanket, moving up and down, as if it was breathing. It was a two month old puppy (now known as ‘Sheba’), abandoned and left to die.Raul couldn’t keep the puppy in his apartment, so he brought her to work the next day. Little did he know that Alexandra had been praying for a dog for two years. She spent some time in shelters, but could never have a dog in the apartments that she lived in. She had just been blessed with renting a home a few months prior to Raul finding Sheba. Coincidentally, at church the night before, they were talking about how God is a dumpster diver and rescues us out of the darkest places.When Raul brought Sheba in the office, Alexandra cried as she held her. She couldn’t believe someone could do such a thing to a helpless, innocent living thing. She was breathing rapidly, had a little bruising under her eye and had some swelling on her face. Sheba’s new forever mom immediately took her to the vet. The doctor said she probably had some bruising in her lungs from abuse or being thrown into the dumpster. Within a few days, she started to get the life back into her. The bruises healed and so did her spirit!Alexandra knows God sent Sheba her way. Now, they do everything together! They love going to the beach and adventuring at local parks. They explore the city, play lots of fetch and recently took a road trip from South Florida to the North Georgia mountains. Sheba is Alexandra’s little traveling companion and napping partner. Her forever mom looks forward to her life with her in it and she brings so much joy to her heart. Alexandra’s parents call Sheba their ‘granddaughter’ and even have ” I ❤️ My Granddog” bumper stickers on their cars! Her uncle, Stephen, is her favorite babysitter and her cousins love her!Sheba’s story has taught Alexandra that no matter how far down we’ve gone, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! God is a dumpster diver and rescues the lost and abandoned.

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