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Dog Rescue Stories: Snoop’s Former Human Gave Up On Him

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Joey and Mark had originally seen a pair of senior dogs that needed to be rescued together, but because they didn’t make an appointment before they showed up at Pact Animal Sanctuary, the pair had already been adopted out. Joey and Mark then declared that they wanted to adopt the oldest dog they had! Sanctuary staff showed them an eleven year old senior dog, but she was a Rottweiler and unfortunately, too big and strong for Joey to handle herself. Staff then asked if they wanted to see a Siberian Husky crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Joey said ‘that sounds like a big dog… but go ahead’ and out came little, 13kg Snoop!Snoop had been returned to the sanctuary that week after a failed foster placement. Apparently, the failed foster family had an existing dog and Snoop had ‘gone’ for that dog in a feeding situation. Joey was nervous about dog aggression, as this would be her first dog. Also, her family and her in-laws have dogs, so it was important for her to have a dog who could socialize with them. Before this failed foster, Snoop had been brought to Pact by his first human, a young lady who could no longer cope with him, as he was going to the bathroom indoors.Despite how ‘bad’ Snoop looked on paper, as soon as Joey and Mark met him, they absolutely fell in love. Snoop is so gentle, so sweet natured, and so very calm. He walked brilliantly on the lead from the first time Joey held it, and his eyes are a beautiful blue. Pact were brilliant and very helpful – they offered Joey and Mark tips in dealing with his house training issues and talked to them about the importance of proper introductions to other dogs to minimize the risk of aggression. Pact also said they could ring them whenever they wanted for further advice.
Both Joey and Mark work full time, but they are able to work from home three days a week. This meant they would need to employ a dog walker for the other two days. Before they brought Snoop home, Joey wanted to have a dog walker in place. She saw that a young woman in the area had just set up her own pet care company (Danielle the Dog Walker), after completing her pet care degree. Joey got in touch with them and the company director, Danielle, agreed to help them out. With all the proper support in place, Joey and Mark brought Snoop to his forever home, and they haven’t looked back.At times, adopting Snoop has been challenging. He suffers from separation anxiety and messes indoors whenever his forever parents leave. They have tried everything (scent sprays, crate training, puppy pads) but it hasn’t improved and since installing a web cam, they’ve also learned that he has been eating his mess. They assume this was because he has never learned that it is wrong. These are ingrained behaviours from his first family, and potentially from being in a shelter for so long. Snoop’s dog walker, Danielle, has been instrumental in learning how best to help Snoop, providing a wealth of solutions and moral support. Danielle also bears the brunt of the mess when she visits, but regardless, she and Snoop have a very special relationship. Joey thinks Snoop gains confidence from not being around his parents all the time. With Danielle, he gets to socialize with her other clients. Through this experience, he has even learned new dog behaviours, such as playing with sticks!Adopting an older dog has not been easy, but Snoop has completely changed Joey and Mark’s lives for the better. Not a single day has gone by where Joey hasn’t been filled with love for Snoop. She is so proud of him for how far he has come and she cannot describe how much happiness and esteem she has gained from giving him a stable home and helping him over come his fears. Joey has also loved getting to know his quirks. Since he’s older, it’s true that she and Mark haven’t been able to ‘shape’ him as they would a puppy. As he has gained trust in his forever parents, he has revealed different aspects of his personality, which to Joey, is the greatest compliment. Joey also loves to provide him with new experiences, such as going to a beach for the first time (he kept trying to eat the bubbles left behind by the waves!).Two of Joey’s favorite things about Snoop (there are many more) are how excited he gets when he gets to climb under the duvet with her at the end of each night, and how he lets out a happy howl when the last person comes home from work. Its so loud and husky like!!Adopting an older dog has been more rewarding that Joey and Mark could have imagined. It breaks their heart to think of all the dogs in shelters right now, which is why they use the hashtag #adoptdontshop wherever they can. 

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