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Dog Rescue Stories: Cute Mrs. Flans – the Special Needs Dog

Mrs. Flans Featured
Mrs. Flans was rescued from people who no longer wanted her because they were having a baby, and who were planning to put her out on the street. Those people bought her from a backyard breeder that was mating siblings.  Due to this inbreeding, sadly, Mrs. Flans has a number of issues, including epilepsy.  Her former “parents” used to laugh at her because they thought it was funny when she would “shake on the floor”. Mrs. Flans is also deaf, albino, and partially blind in her brown eye. Despite all this, Mrs. Flans doesn’t let any of this get her down!! She is a happy, magical little creature! She loves walks, singing (which sounds like cute scream-barking), and is quite the fashionista. Mrs. Flans makes everyone around her happy, including her forever mom, Linda!
Please consider adopting special a special needs pet!  They have so much love to give!Mrs. Flans 8
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