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Dog Rescue Stories: Strong Sammy Was Hanged and Beaten Before Being Rescued

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Sammy, a Border Collie mix, lives with his forever mom in The Netherlands (The Hague). Sammy was adopted when he was just under two years old, and is originally from Spain.sammy-1
Sammy’s rescuer told his forever mom that some children tried to hang him, and when he didn’t die, they took him to the beach and continued to beat him. After the kids ran off, his rescuer was able to approach Sammy, and took him to a shelter. The shelter then transported him to The Netherlands, so he could find his forever homesammy-2
When Sammy’s mom saw him online, it was love at first sight! He initially had severe abandonment issues, but with love and patience, he overcame them. Now 9 years old, Sammy is happy and carefree with his amazing mom! She can’t imagine her life without him.
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