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Dog Rescue Stories: Tansy and Crockett – the Adventurous Duo!

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor



After moving into their first pet friendly apartment, the first thing Megan and her partner did was visit the animal shelter (they hadn’t even unpacked yet). They were living in Boston at the time, and drove up to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem to check out the new dogs who were available for adoption.tansy-1

Tansy (then named Rihanna) immediately caught their eye. She sulked in the back of the pen, with both of her ears pinned back and her eyebrows furrowed. When they called her over, she slowly approached and sat up at the edge of the pen on her hind legs like a prairie dog, letting her future parents pet her. They took her adoption card and brought it to the front desk where they filled out paperwork, and then Tansy was brought out for a meet and greet. The shelter said that she was surrendered in West Virginia, along with her litter mates and that she was 5 1/2 months old.tansy-2

When Tansy and her new forever parents got back to the apartment, Tansy was afraid of everything. The stairs, the TV, children, dogs, cats etc.. After a lot of work, she has overcome most of these fears and now plays happily at doggie daycare and has a new dog brother (things they thought would never be possible).


Crockett came to his forever family this past July. They saw his photo on Petfinder and just had to reach out to his foster mom from It’s Ruff Without A Roof Rescue in northern PA. Sadly, Crockett was left in a ditch on the side of the road in Alabama with his sister and a blanket. His foster mom did a wonderful job getting him adjusted to life as a loved family pet and they drove up to visit Megan and her partner to see if he would get along with Tansy. They hit it off right away and immediately started playing together in the local dog park!crockett-1

It was clear that Crockett was mistreated by whomever had him before being rescued. When he first got to his forever home, he would cower and go limp if his new parents moved towards him too quickly. Despite this, now he is nothing but friendly and wiggly towards everyone he meets and is such a happy dog!crockett-2

Tansy and Crockett balance each other out nicely. Crockett is a fun-loving dog who is very goofy and bouncy. He will do anything for a treat and loves to cuddle. Tansy is more reserved (with strangers), is very expressive about her likes and dislikes (mostly her dislikes), and is always carefully weighing her options.tansy-and-crockett-1

The two love to go on many wooded adventures together in their beautiful upstate NY hometown. They are always exploring new places and trails with their forever family. Their parents love all of the adventure their rescued pups bring into their life!

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