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Dog Rescue Stories: The Life of Ladybug

  By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editorladybug-featured
Lindsay has always been a huge animal lover and everyone who knows her knows that if she could, she would rescue every animal in every shelter across the world. Lindsay previously had a young cat named Luna, whom she had also rescued in October 2013 (she was found living behind a grocery store in the area).10704051_10153289542594829_1508805154925346597_n
Lindsay, along with her roommate at the time, decided to take a trip to the Grand Strand Humane Society to possibly look for a cat companion for Luna (unfortunately Luna passed away unexpectedly last year due to heart worm. Both Ladybug and Leslie miss her very much, and one day in the near future she will go back and find Ladybug another friend). Of course, Lindsay needed to go say hello to the puppies in their puppy room, as well. In the bottom corner, she noticed this sweet faced, young pit bull mix tucked in the back corner of her crate. She looked absolutely terrified and was shaking. While Lindsay was sitting on the floor, trying to get her to come to her, one of the workers asked if she would like to meet her out of the crate. Lindsay immediately said yes.
Lindsay sat in the lobby while waiting for Ladybug. When they brought her out to the lobby, her attitude had done a complete 180. Instead of being curled up in a ball, growling at those who came near her, she was jumping and running around with a huge smile on her face. Seeing this drastic change brought a huge ball of tears to Lindsay’s eyes and she immediately fell in love with Ladybug. She knew she couldn’t leave the shelter without taking this angel with her. Lindsay learned that someone had abandoned her at their door on 2/16/14, when she was only about 4 months old. The shelter does not know who her previous owner was or what had happened to her before she was left there.13557655_10154976926859829_5899899659458010255_n
Adopting Ladybug has been one of the best decisions of Lindsay’s life. She has one of the most unique personalities and is so incredibly sweet. There is so much love that comes from this little fur child, and Lindsay can not understand why someone would ever give her up.  However, she is so thankful that they did, because if they didn’t, she would have never found her. Ladybug has helped Lindsay through some very hard times in her life. She battles severe anxiety and having this extremely loving creature by her side has helped her live a healthier life. Lindsay happily admits that Ladybug is beyond spoiled (and she knows it to)!
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