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Dog Rescue Stories: Tucker Taught His Parents Not To “Judge A Dog By Its Cover”

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Meet Tucker!

Tucker is the second dog we’ve rescued and he came from a local shelter. When we got Tucker, he was a mess. He was covered in scars and scrapes. For two weeks straight we were cleaning up liquid poo inside the house because his stomach was such a mess… mostly from eating rocks and garbage his entire life.

Tucker was found on the streets of Detroit as a stray and was total skin and bones when we adopted him. We could see every bone in his body. Just when Tucker started to get healthy, he blew out his two back knees, which required surgery. However, Tucker never let any of this get him down. He has been a trooper through it all!

Tucker has taught me not to judge a dog by its looks and I have since become a HUGE “bully breed” advocate. There is not a mean bone in his sweet body. Over the past few months, we have begun fostering shelter dogs and Tucker has done an awesome job showing them the ropes.

We just adore Tucker and feel so lucky to have him in our life. If you want to follow along with our family and our fosters feel free to find us on Instagram @mittenpits!


Follow handsome Tucker (and his foster sibling) on Instagram @mittenpits

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Tucker has to be tucked in every night before bed because he is a land-hippo-princess 👸🏼 #dontbullymybreed

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Playing around with a few ideas 🤷🏼‍♀️ (with the help of Tucker’s adorable face). Feel free to express your opinions! Eventually I would like to be able to have something to sell (stickers, shirts, etc?) where part of the sale would go back to NBS Animal Rescue. In the meantime, shout out to all the foster dog parents out there. It’s not always easy. I fall in love with each foster dog I have, and it’s always hard to let them go. When it gets hard, I think of all the dogs in the shelters who don’t stand a chance without the help of a foster home. I think of the dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized. I think of how happy my foster dogs are in their forever homes. That’s what keeps me going. AND, the last picture is for #pitbullawarenessmonth 💁🏼#ENDBSL #mittenpits #rescue #foster #adoptashelterdog #dontbullymybreed #spreadtherumer #fosterdog #fosterdogmom #ruffpost #thedodo #happypitties #teamfloppyears #whogivesapit #puremichigan #myfosterhomesavedme

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My face after that Lions game 😩😤😫

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