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Dog Rescue Stories: Zodi Was Near Death When He Was Found

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
This is Zodacious Dre aka Zodi. He is a 4 year old Pit Bull. Zodi’s rescue was unexpected, but right on time!
“Zodi was left for dead in a desert during the late spring/ early summer of 2016. A woman saw him pushed up under a tree where the desert touched her backyard. When she first approached, she thought he was dead, but out of fear, he weakly attempted to push himself farther up under the tree. It was just enough movement to confirm life. For the next three days the woman left food and water next to the tree for him, until he was open to light human contact; she then called an animal sanctuary owned by our family friends.
Not having any experience with Pit Bulls and a full sanctuary, the sanctuary called my family to help. Happy to help, my brother and mother headed over to pick up Zodi while I was at work. After the pick up, my brother made some calls, one being to a “Pit Bull sanctuary” that said they had room for Zodi.
Upon arrival, my brother found the sanctuary to be a nightmare. It was a woman in a trailer taking in dogs and providing terrible care. They were all kept in a dirty room together, and the “large yard” for them to “roam in” was a large dirt lot littered with trash, broken bottles, and car parts. My brother was not going to leave Zodi or any other animal there, so he grabbed the dog and brought him straight to me. When he first arrived, he was beyond scared. He had cuts and scabs all down the right side of his body, and both sides of his face where he had been chewed on by other dogs. Along with missing patches of hair, he showed signs of physical abuse from previous owners. 
He would cower, try to run, and if you would reach to pet him, his whole body would sink to the floor. It was heart breaking. Keeping Zodi was supposed to be temporary until we found him a good home, but we quickly found that he belonged right here with us. He fit like a long lost puzzle piece. We wanted to give him the life we knew he deserved. After a few short days, we had bonded so much I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. It’s been a year since he joined our family on April 24, 2016, and we still don’t understand how we got so lucky. He is just so full of love and smiles, cuddles and adventure. He welcomed a little sister to the family this past June, her name is Darla. Zodi and his human boy couldn’t be any more excited.” – Zodi’s forever mom
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