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Dog Rescue Stories: Zoey & Australia’s First No-Kill Animal Pound

Zoey Featured

Zoey’s forever family adopted their first rescue dog Shelby (a staffy/ridgeback mix), 3 years ago. She is truly a best friend. Shelby’s previous family split up and no one was able to keep her, but she settled in quickly, and thankfully, knew affection and love in her previous home.

Zoey’s mom wanted to do something more for rescue dogs, so  she volunteered to walk dogs at her local shelter, Gosford Dog Paws ,  Australia’s first no kill pound.  She read the dogs’ profiles before volunteering so she could understand more about the pound.  She fell in love as soon as she read Zoey’s profile.  Zoey (a staffy/kelpie mix) was left in the overnight cage at the pound at the age of 8 after being used by a backyard breeder for numerous litters. She had suspicious lumps throughout her chest. After removing 7 cysts and 2 operations, it was discovered that she has mammary gland canZoey 1cer, which also spread to her lymph nodes.
Zoey’s mom went home and couldn’t stop thinking about her. Their first dog, Scamp, died from cancer, so they had an idea what to expect. They discussed it as a family and decided that as long as Shelby and Zoey got along, they were going to adopt her.

3 months on and Zoey has given her family so much joy. Watching her experience her new life is so rewarding. Daily walks on the beach, car rides, sleeping wherever she wants, treats, toys and a ridiculous amount of cuddles are her life.

At the moment, Zoey appears very healthy. Her family has no idea how long she will be with them, but it doesn’t matter.  They just knew they had to give her a peaceful, loving end of life.

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