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Dog Rescue Stories: Freya the Pittie is a Craigslist Survivor

Jenn saw a headshot of a pup on Craigslist. She stared at it for three days. At the time, she was recovering from surgery, and she binged watched all seven seasons of Pit Bulls and Parolees. The show opened Jenn’s eyes to Pit Bull type dogs and how misunderstood they are.Jenn finally responded to the Craigslist ad on the third day, only to get passed from one person to another. She knew something wasn’t right. Jenn got the address, drove to another state, and found herself in a medical center parking lot. After an hour wait, a car full of people arrived with this puppy who could barely stand. The puppy was emaciated, with balding spots and open sores all over.The people knew absolutely nothing about her. They didn’t know her age or even what she ate. Jenn negotiated for her because she knew she had to save this poor puppy from these people. She told them they should be ashamed of themselves.Jenn’s vet estimated Freya was under seven weeks old. Her bald spots were due malnutrition, and her open sores were from the poor conditions she was kept in.
Today, Freya is the kindest, sweetest, most well rounded and social girl. To meet Freya is to love Freya. She’s an amazing representative of her breed and she loves her mom unconditionally.

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