Supermodels of the Week

HOW TO ENTER YOUR DOG in the Supermodel of the Week CONTEST

Welcome and thanks for being our fan!

Here is how to post your dog for the Supermodel of the Week contest…….

It’s important to note that this contest takes place on the Positively Woof Facebook page.  The winners from each week are announced and posted on our Facebook page, and are also featured in a post on

On our Facebook Page Wall, please post your dog’s name and 1 photo (and anything else you’d like to share) where the page reads, “Write something…”

Don’t worry if you don’t immediately see your post…it’s there! Head to the “Visitor posts” on the left-hand side of the page. This is where all our fans’ posts will appear, including your dog’s photo!

Within our visitor posts, fans can vote by liking, sharing, and commenting on your dog’s photo. When you post, invite your friends to “vote” for you dog’s photo! The Top 10 Dogs of the Day (with the most votes) will advance to the Supermodel of the Week contest.

Mobile phone posts: Some smartphone browsers do not give you the option to post on Facebook, so you may need to use a regular computer and browser, rather than the Facebook app. Some smartphones can use a regular web browser to post your dog’s photo on our Facebook page. However, this is the private Message area and Facebook technology does not allow us to Share from here.

Good luck! Thanks for being our fan. P-Woof

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