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Ivy Inspired Her Family to Stretch, Strengthen, and Stand Up for Pits

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Stretch Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits is happening at Yoga Blend in Burbank on May 20th from 1-2:30pm and features an all-levels gentle Vinyasa flow yoga class taught by Marcy Johnson, a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and the proud mom to a three-legged pit bull princess named Marley. All proceeds from Stretch, Strengthen and Stand Up For Pits will benefit the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by comedian and animal rights activist Rebecca Corry, dedicated to ending abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull “type” dogs.

Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine met Ivy when she was a five week old puppy. They were walking down their block with their rescued Golden Retriever / Chow Chow mix, Woofie, when a neighbor approached and told them he had just brought home a Pit Bull puppy. He asked if they wanted to meet her and of course, they said yes. Woofie waited patiently as their neighbor went to get baby Ivy, and as soon as Woofie saw her, she fell instantly in love, as did Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine. Ivy was pretty smitten with the four of them, too, as she started wiggling her way down the block to their house before she could even fully walk! This little puppy would waddle though their gate and appear multiple times a day.

They loved nothing more than to suddenly find Ivy in their living room, but were concerned about her getting loose from her yard on such a regular basis. They didn’t want anything bad to happen to her on her journey to their house. They repeatedly asked their neighbors not to leave their gate open but clearly, they didn’t listen. When the neighbor’s mom returned from a trip abroad, she told him to get rid of Ivy. Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine did all they could not to have Ivy end up in a shelter, including volunteering to take Ivy on walks with Woofie throughout the day and volunteering to take care of her. Eventually, the neighbor’s mom changed her mind. Still, Ivy wasn’t allowed in their house and was forced to live outside.
This meant that Ivy spent most of her time at Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine’s house. Every walk Woofie took, she immediately pulled her humans over to Ivy’s house and they picked Ivy up to join them. They cared for Ivy during the day when her human was at work. Soon, Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine were dropping Ivy off at her other “residence” for only a couple hours and then picking her up in the evening for sleepovers with Woofie. Those couple hours apart from her broke their hearts. Ivy would often escape to their house before they went to pick her up, which made all three ladies happy…except they still worried that something bad might happen to her when she was loose.
Ivy made Woofie’s last three years the best she ever had. Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine called them ‘soul sisters’, and they loved each other with all their hearts. Ivy was cuddling with Woofie when she passed away, and then helped heal the broken, human hearts in the house. They don’t know how they would have ever survived their grief if it hadn’t been for this sweet Pit Bull. They always say that Woofie “ordered Ivy up from unicorn heaven” to be her sister and to make sure someone would take care of her family when she was gone. After Woofie passed away, Ivy spent about 99% of her time at Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine’s house. Then their neighbors finally moved away and they officially adopted her, after caring for her since she was five weeks old.
Ivy is never alone. Brijana, Kelsey and Katherine all work from home, which means they can cuddle with her and their two other rescues — their poodle mix LuLU and their cat Doosis — all day long! They can also take plenty of breaks and go on adventures together. And at least one of them is always with Ivy and LuLU (Doosis too, except she usually doesn’t go on car rides).
Ivy is a caregiver to both dogs and humans. She’s sassy and loves to talk. Her best friends, LuLU and Doosis are always by her side. She loves babies and children. Most of all, Ivy loves nothing more than to be trusted. Any time someone doesn’t cross the street when they see her and doesn’t discriminate against her, she exudes so much gratitude. She LOVES when someone sees her for what she is — a sweet, silly, wiggly-hipped angel, and LOVES when anyone rushes up to see her (human or dog). All she wants to do is give kisses and share her love. Ivy inspired her forever family to advocate for Pit Bull type dogs as they have experienced, firsthand, the unfair prejudice against her and her Pit Bull brothers and sisters.

Sign up to Stretch, Strengthen, and Stand Up for Pits HERE

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