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Dog Rescue Stories: Lil’ Girl’s Parents Refused to Give Up On Her

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Little (Lil’) Girl, now nine years old, was adopted on June 6th, 2009 from the Pasadena Humane Society when she was just ten months old. The shelter sent meds home with her, for what was thought to be a simple nasal infection. Little Girl’s forever dad took her to her new vet for a check-up the next day and was told that they should return her to the shelter because they had just adopted “a very sick puppy.” She was diagnosed with canine distemper.Little Girl’s dad had known her for less than 24 hours, but left the vet with tears in his eyes. He knew he wasn’t about to send her back, though. Of course, her forever mom agreed. They were committed. Thankfully, after having some tests and blood work done, they were told her that her distemper was a mild case. The only symptoms of her disease were nasal hyperkeratosis and muscle spasms in her jaw and front right leg, which would often cause her to stumble while walking.During the first few months, Lil’Girl was often on antibiotics due to secondary issues relating to distemper. Her parents were told that even though her condition was mild, it could worsen in the coming years.Fast-forward numerous birthdays and Lil’ Girl is going strong! The muscle spasms are gone, as is the constant bloody nasal discharge. She stands confidently on all fours and no longer appears to be chewing gum all day. She now only sees the vet for her annual check-ups and always gets 5-stars! Her forever parents love her more than anything, and recently found out through a DNA test that she is actually half American Staffordshire, while the other half is comprised of Sharpei, Chow, and Bulldog! Despite being mixed with some famously stubborn breeds, she is as easy-going as they come and has turned out to be the perfect girl for her parents!!

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