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Dog Rescue Stories: Marley and Macey’s Former Human Gave Up on Them

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Marley and Macey’s forever family used to have two staffies – Ester and Zeb. Unfortunately, Zeb died when he was quite young. After losing Zeb, Marley and Macey’s parents were walking in town, when they saw a man with Marley. Being staffy lovers, they went to say hello. Marley seemed to be healthy and was around six months old. The man admitted that he rarely walked him and was not allowed animals in his flat, so kept him cooped up. Marley and Macey’s parents offered to take Marley from the man, and he agreed. He brought Marley to his forever home later that day. Marley wasn’t properly house trained and wasn’t confident being around other dogs, but otherwise, had no issues and got along well with Ester.
Months later, one evening, the doorbell rang and it’s the same man with another staffy, Macey, begging them to take her off his hands. She was covered in cuts, scratches and had mange. He said he couldn’t look after her anymore and had no pet insurance, so he just let her suffer. He said Macey was from the same breeder as Marley, and was from the next litter. Sadly, whoever this man got Marley and Macey from was just churning out puppies.
After arguing about whether they had the space for a third dog, they decided to take her. Macey had massive issues with other dogs and still has a great amount of anxiety passing other dogs in the street. However, the three dogs got on beautifully at home together. Sadly, Ester has since passed away.
The man did come to their house once more asking to have Marley back but, obviously, they said no. They have also seen him walking other staffies.
Macey and Marley now have happy lives with a big garden and live on the edge of a new forest. They are such loving dogs and show you how adopting is so much more rewarding than buying a dog.
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