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Pet Blogs We Love: A Dog Walks Into A Bar

pet blogs we love

This series, Pet Blogs We Love, was prompted by attendance at a pet-centric conference we attended. Enjoy pet blogs (and pet bloggers) we love! Visit their sites, learn about what they do and the pet

A Dog Walks Into A Bar, written by Bryn Nowell features her Boston Terriers, Bean and Yoda.

Bryn said her blog is about two things she loves — dogs and drinking. “We talk about dog friendly locations, bars and wineries as well as offering products and giveaways for items we’ve tried and loved. The blog’s aim, she said, is to entertain and inform pet owners about ways they can share experiences with their pets. Bryn hopes to, “build a community of pet parents looking for a resource that shares information about dogs and drinking.”

pet blogs we loveWhat’s the most important or urgent topic you’re writing about? (and why?)
It may not be a life-changer, she said, but my site is dedicated to entertainment and information regarding pet ownership and ways in which humans can share experiences with their pet (such as visiting dog friendly locations together. Editor’s Note: For those of us who travel with our pets, this is an important topic!

One of the most popular posts on her site is, “Five Signs your Dog is an A**hole.” I’d like to think that pet parents realize it’s important to find humor in situations, even when they’re not perfect. All to often, pet blogs paint a glossy picture of pet ownership that aren’t necessarily accurate and they are seeking posts that they can relate to.

Bryn shares that the second most popular post on her site is about a trip to Tampa and all of the dog friendly breweries we were able to visit while we were there!

Finally, one other popular post is a bit more serious, as she talked about the two year mark following Bean’s Mast Cell Tumor diagnosis.

Why do you blog and do what you do in the pet/animal world? How does blogging impact your life (and the lives of the pets you write about?)

Bryn says she blogs because “I have a passion for writing, for pets, and for sharing stories. I now have a medium to share information with like-minded pet parents that I did not have through other platforms of social media, like Instagram. In my time in the pet blogging sphere, I have been able to donate more than $10,000 worth of supplies, food, treats and money to our local animal rescue organizations due to the generosity of brands, proceeds from affiliate marketing and prize winnings (normally from photography contests). That is significantly more money than what I would have been able to contribute on my own.”

Bryn’s blog has helped her community in immeasurable ways, she said. “I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to make an impact.”

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