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Pet Blogs We Love: Fully Feline

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By Robbi Hess, Executive Story Editor, Crimeless Cat
The latest Pet Blog We Love is from Karen Harrison at Fuily Feline. Karen’s pet family includes Marty, her cat; J.R. and April, both miniature poodles. pet blog we love
Fully Feline blog focus. Karen’s post focus on educating people on cat behavior and cat health. She shares, “In my opinion, cats often suffer from an ‘image problem’ due to lack of understanding. Cats are often surrendered because of ‘behavior issues,’ but most of those problems can be dealt with if the cat guardian knows the appropriate steps to take.”
What is your blog about? “All things cat,” she said. “To a large degree I write about behavior and health, since those seem to be two of the main areas people need more information on.  It makes me feel good when readers comment that they learned something from what I write, and that it’s helped them and their cat.”
Karen’s favorite blog posts, and why.  Cognitive Brain Disordeer: Making Senior Years Easier For Your Cat. This post is about cognitive brain disorder in senior cats. Karen said she believes in making cat’s senior years as happy as possible. “This article provided ways to do just that. Many people commented they were unaware this illness existed.”
Cat Behavior: Why Cats Bite.  Many people do not understand cat’s reasons for biting, she writes. “Cats almost always give a warning before biting, it’s up to us to read those signs and know what to do, or not do, to prevent being bitten.”
Boredom Busters For Indoor Cats. If we don’t provide enough mental stimulation, cats will create their own fun, she writes adding that this post provides a cat guardian with ideas to nip destructive behavior caused by boredom, in the bud.
What message do you hope your blog delivers? “I blog to help change the incorrect perceptions people have of cats as being aloof and uncaring pets,” she said. “People I talk with say they don’t like cats, and my response is they just haven’t met the right cat yet!” Karen said she didn’t have experience with cats until she adopted her boy, Bo, several years ago.  “He was a wonderful orange and white tabby cat who taught me so many valuable lessons.  He was the inspiration behind Fully Feline. ” She said the logo is in shades of orange and white in Bo’s honor.

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