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Pet Blogs We Love: The Daily Pip

pet blogs we love the daily pip

Kristin Avery, of The Daily Pip , has a houseful of pets including: Ruby, a mixed breed dog; Rosie, a black cat; Moo Shu, a black and white cat; Lulu, a black and white rabbit; and Mrs. Mouse, her latest addition, who is a geriatric mouse.  We caught up with Kristin recently and asked her a few questions.

What’s the most important or urgent topic you’re writing about? 

The most important topic I write about is special needs pet adoption. My series, The Specials, features adoption stories about senior pets, those with chronic medical issues, behavioral or temperament concerns as well as overlooked or misunderstood breeds like pit bulls and black cats.

Special needs pet adoption is one of my greatest passions and raising awareness and compassion for these animals is at the heart of my blogs we love the daily pip

What is your blog about? How do you and your blog try to make a difference?

The Daily Pip is an award-winning, lifestyle pet blog providing resources, support and humor for rescue families. In addition to sharing special needs pet adoption stories, I also write about life in a multispecies, all rescue home – two cats, one dog, one rabbit, and most recently, a geriatric special needs mouse.

The Daily Pip is all about inspiring change, encouraging compassion, saving animals, and second chances.

Kristin’s favorite posts include:  

The One I Couldn’t Save:  This is my “where it all began” post. It tells the story of Lucas – a dog I couldn’t save, but who inspired me to save many others.

A Rescue Dog and His Heart GirlThis is one of my favorite posts from my Specials series. It speaks to the power of the bond between a rescue dog and the family who saves him.

Fur-Busting: How To Keep Clothing Fur Free (Almost)This is a funny post about life in the furry vortex with rescue pets. I always try to balance serious adoption posts with light-hearted laughs and cuteness posts.

How does blogging impact your life (and the lives of the pets you write about?)

My mission is to raise awareness and broaden public perception of what makes an animal adoptable. Quite simply, I hope my blog helps get more animals adopted – especially those who might otherwise get overlooked or even euthanized.

In addition to my blog, I volunteer with several local shelters and rescues. One of the greatest parts of having a blog is being able to promote the incredible work of these organizations.

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