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Pet Calendar: Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig

adopt a guinea pig month

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Pet Calendar: Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig

When I was growing up and lived at home with my parents, my brother and my sister I had two guinea pigs. We were a household full of pets: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, birds and a horse (not all at the same time!)

My sister and I shared an attic bedroom and she wasn’t a fan of the guinea pigs with whom we shared a room. The pigs, Max and Margaret (I don’t know if they were male and female, but I assumed they were — hey I was ten-years-old!) shared our bedroom. Their cage was by my bed, in the corner of the large attic bedroom.

Max and Margaret were usually quiet all night long. I’d cover the cage and they didn’t pay much attention to the wheel or didn’t do much chewing at night. In the morning, however, they would start squealing as soon as the sun rose. I was an early riser, even back then, but my sister was not. She’d holler at them, throw stuff at me if I hadn’t gotten out of bed and taken them downstairs with me.

I remember how cuddly they were. I remember how much they loved to be held and how they would seem to squeal with delight when I walked into the room. They were the first pets that were truly “mine” and I took that responsibility seriously.

My children had no desire to have guinea pigs, but we did always have cats and dogs when they were younger. We also had reptiles (still do) and our daughter was obsessed with hermit crabs for the longest time until her attentions turned toward ferrets. She still has her ferrets and dotes on them.

adopt a guinea pig monthPet Calendar: Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig

Have you ever considered getting a guinea pig? Here are some things to consider:

  1. They are very social. Consider getting a same-sex pair; preferably a pair of females as they get along better than do males.
  2. They can live for five to seven years.
  3. Give your guinea pigs a large cage in which to roam.
  4. Guinea pigs are generally quiet, although they will squeal with delight when they see their humans and they can be loud at night or in the morning.
  5. They rarely bite and become accustomed to their humans if they have frequent interactions.
  6. They are good family pets, but make certain that young children know how to handle them gently as they are small and delicate.

If you’re looking to fill your home with a pair of guinea pigs, call your local shelter and see if they have any available for adoption.

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