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Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Cat & Cat Cleanliness

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Swiffer at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are my own.

Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Cat & Cat Cleanliness. Dogs and cats are messy! We aren’t telling you anything you don’t know — especially if you’re a pet parent. What’s a pet parent, who wants a clean house to do?

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

I share my life with four cats and two dogs. The dogs, my Diva Poodle Henrietta, and our Goldendoodle Murray, thankfully don’t shed. Our dog, Spenser, who passed away a few years ago was a husky/lab mix and he shed almost pet calendar year round, but the summer months, and his shedding, made us feel like we were wading through ankle deep hair all. The. Time!

Even though Murray and Henrietta don’t shed, Murray loves to wander through the woods and comes in with maple tree “helicopters,” mud, twigs and all manner of outdoor debris. Once the grass has been cut, the floor is littered with grass clippings. It’s hard to keep up and I don’t always want to pull out the vacuum cleaner (and that has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t like wrapping up the cord! HA!). I grab my Swiffer (wet or dry) depending on the mess I am cleaning and viola — clean floors.

Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Cat & Cat Cleanliness

pet calendar

Cats also shed, not as much as the dogs we’ve shared our lives with because our cats are all short-haired. They shed a little bit and if I am not diligent in keeping up with the clean-up I end up seeing dust bunnies floating around the floors. Who hasn’t had a day or a week, when the time has just gotten away from you and then, all of a sudden, dust bunnies!? I can’t be the only one, right?

When that happens, you guessed it — Swiffer Dry. It captures the dust bunnies and holds them captive until I release them into the trash can!

Because June is National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month I promote sharing your life with a cat (or two) and not stressing adopt a shelter catabout the mess. The love and snuggles you get from your cat, dog, guinea pig or any other furry creature more than makes up for the times you have to clean up a mess or two or capture those errant dust bunnies!

Visit Sam’s Club to stock up on Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pad Refills and keep your house clean and pet mess-free this summer. Because I am not a fan of shopping and crowds, I love going to Sam’s Club because I can stock up on the refill packs in packages of 86 and that means, no matter how messy my pets get, I still have the benefit of not having to shop too often.


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