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Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

adopt a shelter cat

Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

The American Humane Society and the ASPCA have named June, “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.”

Do you have cats? Do you love cats? Do you wonder, “Is a cat right for me and my family?” Let me tell you about my experience with cats. (This is Story Editor Robbi Hess and I have five, yes, count ’em five cats!) Three of our cats are rescues and two are Devon Rexes that I got from a breeder. Over the course of my lifetime I have loved and lived with multiple cats. Frankly, I don’t think I have ever been without a cat in my life.adopt a shelter cat

My parents let us bring home every stray we found. They’d be neutered and some would be housecats, some would be indoor/outdoor cats and still others would live in the barn with the horse and take care of the mouse population — I believe it was all their choice. Until the Devon Rexes, all of my cats were adopted either as strays or from local shelters.

Here is my none-too-scientific list for why you should adopt a shelter cat:

  1. They are great companions. Anyone who says that, “cats don’t like people” have never lived with a cat. My cats, even though they all have unique personalities, love to spend time with us. Two of our cats are complete lap sitters. One cat greets us at the door then goes off on her own, another cat sits next to us and will allow us to pet her for a short time, then she goes back to her perch, the other cat sits on the back of the couch and always has a paw resting on our shoulder. Point proven.
  2. They’re great for introverts. If you’re an introvert, then a cat is the pet for you! Dog lovers tend to be more extroverted — they have to be because they’re outside walking their dogs and meeting the neighbors. Sure, you can walk your cat on a leash, but if you’re an introvert, you’re probably both happier indoors!
  3. They provide comfort. If you’ve had a bad day at the office. If you’re having a bad hair day. If you suffered a loss, petting your cat will help you feel calmer and help you cope. Your cat is there for you through thick and thin, happiness and sadness.
  4. If you’re single, a cat might help you find love! Imagine talking to someone and finding out they love cats. You love cats. It’s a match made in heaven.
  5. A cat can lower your blood pressure and relieve stress. Petting a cat (or any pet for that matter) has been scientifically proven to lower your stress levels. Get a cat, you’ll be healthier!

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