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Pet Calendar: Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pets

earth day pet calendar

Pet Calendar: Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pets

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Earth Day is April 22. How can you celebrate the day with your furry family? We have come up with some ways in which you and your pets can reduce your carbon footprint — on Earth Day and year round.earth day pet calendar

Here are a few ideas we have come up with that you, as a responsible pet owner can do to celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Scoop your dog’s poop! We’re sure you’re doing this anyway, but when you do, use the plastic bag you get from the grocery store. If you are using reusable bags at the grocery store (yay, you!) then invest in environmentally-friendly dog waste removal bags.
  2. Scoop your cat’s litter box into a plastic container with a lid then dump the container when it’s full. This will help reduce the number of plastic bags you need to use when you’re scooping.
  3. Buy in bulk. You will usually get a better price when you buy in bulk and you will definitely be utilizing fewer packaging items.
  4. Turn off lights and the television when they’re not in use.
  5. If you have a garden that needs watering, do it after the sun goes down. Collect rainwater to use for your garden, if possible.
  6. Stay hydrated with a BPA-free bottle that you refill at home — reduce your reliance on bottled water.
  7. Spay and neuter your pets. This will help reduce the number of pets in shelters who are euthanized annually.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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