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Pet Calendar: Clear The Shelter Day



On August 17, hundreds of animal shelters across the country are coming together for a one-day adoption drive. These shelters will waive or lower adoption fees as a way to help the shelter animals find a loving, forever home. The goal is to “clear the shelters” and get as many animals adopted as possible. Please spread the word and join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ClearTheShelters. Be a hero, save a life!

Pet Calendar: Clear The Shelter Day

How can you celebrate Clear The Shelter Day?

  1. Volunteer at a shelter
  2. Foster a dog or cat
  3. Donate items to your local shelter (ask what’s on their wish list)
  4. Adopt a dog or cat
  5. Join in events dedicated to clearing the shelters
  6. Hug and love your pet (today and all year long!)

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