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Pet Calendar: Deaf Dog Awareness Week ~ Reasons Deaf Dogs Rock

deaf dog awareness

Pet Calendar: Deaf Dog Awareness Week ~ Reasons Deaf Dogs Rock

September 18-24, 2016 is Deaf Dog Awareness Week and we reached out to deaf dog owners and lovers and experts in the pet community — Bernard Lima-Chavez and Christina Lee. They shared some of their favorite Deaf Dog posts with us. We will be sharing these posts throughout the week to help raise awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of these pets.

Christina Lee, of Deaf Dogs Rock, is an advocate for deaf dog adoption and education. She shared a post with us on the 10 reasons deaf dogs rock. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at the reason that you could sneak a snack without your deaf dog hearing the chip bag. This means you could actually eat a snack in peace… well, unless your deaf dog sensed your motion or smelled the chips!

Other reasons Christina shares for why deaf dogs rock include:

  1. They make great therapy dogs
  2. They are not afraid of Fourth of July Fireworks
  3. They can sense an intruder or a car approaching before your hearing dogs

Please watch our video below.

To read the rest of Christina’s reasons read her 10 Reasons Deaf Dogs Rock post here.

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